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Underlying potential problems of the matrimonial agreement

Tatiana Starikova, the partner of YUST Law Firm, told Pravo.ru website that matrimonial contracts between spouses have become more common


One needs to put people in jail less

Alexander Bolomatov, partner of YUST Law Firm, noted on the website of “Svoboda” radio station, that very often the management, to whom the defenders have to complain about acts or omissions of the investigators, are not just aware, but also "authorize their disappearance"



Andrei Orlov, advocate of YUST Law Firm, told RAPSI news agency that in the process of interrogation Dmitirii Amunts re-stated the fact, that that his confession during the preliminary investigation was given under pressure of the investigator with the promise to replace the measure of restraint with house arrest


Without orders but for the benefit

Alexander Bolomatov, partner of YUST Law Firm, gave comments to the “Novaya advokatskaya gazeta” newspaper on the recoverability of legal costs for the advocate with whom the contract is signed by the attorney in the client's interests without direct reference to it


Changing debt to loan

Aleksey Prokhorov, senior lawyer of tax and customs practice of YUST Law Firm, told “Rossiyskaya gazeta” how not to lose your right to property tax deduction on the loan costs


Practice definitions by YUST Law Firm partner Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya at the BestLawyers.com published

Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya, Partner of YUST Law Firm, subject to the request of the editors office of the Best Lawyers international guide prepared a specification of the Government Relations Practice and Government Practice that were consequently published on the Best Lawyers website. The target audience of this information is represented by foreign corporate lawyers and businesspeople that want to be acquainted of the legal “rules of the game” in Russia and understand which consultant shall be chosen for business in Russian.

A new thaw

Partner of YUST Law Firm Evgeny Zhilin gave his commentary to the English magazine Legal Business

Friendship under contract

Head of employment and sports law group of YUST Law Firm Alexander Ksenofontov together with Pravo.ru portal examined the statistics of cases on disputes concerning payment for works executed without a state contract


Enthusiasm and sanctions

One of the most important factors limiting development of farms in Russia is difficulties with land registration. Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov explained to Lenta.ru what solutions to the problems are used nowadays. “The situation with land registration differs by region”, mentions partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov... Read more

Oboronenergosbyt has poor discipline

Attorney of YUST Law Firm Ekaterina Yakovleva discussed with Kommersant newspaper the increase in non-payments of the sole electricity supplier for the Ministry of Defense