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Criminal bird

Criminal bird According to the details of the criminal case against Ilgiz Valitov, until 2015 he had been working as head of natural resources and construction directorate of Vnesheconombank and was arrested on February 26 on suspicion of fraud in the field of business activity in an especially large amount. He can be punished with a penalty of 1,5 million rubles, up to five years of correctional labor or imprisonment for the same term.

Investigation believes that Valitov tried to appropriate a share of Eurodon group – the largest producer of turkey in the country. In winter 2007 Valitov together with unidentified persons misled eurodon owner Vadim Vaneev and convinced him to sell 40% of shares in a Belize company Brimstone Investments ltd, allegedly affiliated to Vnesheconombank, for nominal value, to forward a “favorable decision” on issuing a credit facility by the bank. The share capital of Eurodon did not change - it was 10 000 rubles. Thus, Vaneev received a symbolic amount of 4000 rubles.

Even if Valitov’s guilt is proven, it will be hard for Vaneev to get this share back, partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Evdokimov speculates. Vaneev will have to require the transaction with Valitov to be recognized invalid. It will be necessary to prove he was deceived and believed it was a normal procedure of credit arrangement. However, such cases are extremely rare, the lawyer mentions. As for Vnesheconombank, the current owner of the 40% share, he does not see its guilt. The state bank acted as a purchaser in good faith, Alexander Evdokimov underlined.

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