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Surrogate motherhood has been brought to the legal field

Surrogate motherhood has been brought to the legal field

The Supreme Court (SC) of the Russian Federation intends to expand the rights of clients of surrogate mothers in disputes over child, the court must find out why a woman who bears a child, later refused to give it.

Svetlana Burkanova, the senior lawyer of the family and inheritance practice of YUST Law Firm told “Izvestiya” newspaper that clarification of the Supreme Court is "just", noting that "Blind satisfaction of the surrogate mother’s interests, almost in every case leads to a violation of reproductive and other (taking into account the contractual relationship) rights of genetic parents."

Svetlana Burkanova also noted that the Plenum does not give an explanation of the situation when unmarried people resort to the service of surrogate motherhood. It is permitted by law, but in practice the Registrar even with the consent of a surrogate mother refuse to write such citizens as parents, referring exactly to non-marital relationships.

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