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Yury Pilipenko and Evgeny Zhilin at the Council of the Federation

Yury Pilipenko and Evgeny Zhilin at the Council of the Federation Senior Partner Yury Pilipenko and Managing Partner Evgeny Zhilin took part in the round table of the Committee of the Council of the Federation on constitutional legislation and construction of the State. The meeting discussed the matters of regulation of the consulting and audit activity of foreign companies in Russia. All those present gave special attention to the subject of access of foreign actors to the Russian consulting market.

Yury Pilipenko, Senior Partner of the Law Firm "YUST" and the President of the Federal Chamber of Advocates of Russia: “I am glad that the Russian lawyers in general, and the advocates’ community in particular, have matured and no longer stalwartly oppose the work of foreign consultants in our market”.

Evgeny Zhilin, Managing Partner of the Firm: “We favor a liberal approach, an open market. It is essential that the clients should receive high-quality service. It is not that important, who exactly renders the high-quality services”.

There is currently no single legal act, which would establish the legal grounds for consulting activity. The latter is understood as legal support of organizations, and rendering legal services to them. The consulting market expands approx.. 15% per year, and the demand is constantly growing.

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