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Scientific and practical commentary to the Code of lawyer's professional ethics. Second edition

Second edition, revised and enlarged. Author of the book, managing partner of the law firm «YUST», the first Vice-President of the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation, doctor of legal Sciences Yury Pilipenko.

The Practice of State Immunity and the Problem of Legal Regulation.

The article contains a detailed examination of the concept of state immunity, describes the practice of foreign countries with regard to claims against the Soviet

Yury Pilipenko: “I admire outstanding people, but I stick by the institutions”

The “Lawyer” magazine published an interview with Yury Pilipenko, Managing Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", where he tells about the interference of the law-enforcement bodies with the advocacy, about the perspectives of the advocate’s monopoly, success fees, the court dispute between the State Duma and the grandson of Josef Stalin, and also about the books he would recommend for reading.

Bankruptcy procedures of joint and several debtors

Currently the creditor, who has claim rights towards joint and several debtors, faces a number of difficulties when exercising his rights within the framework of bankruptcy procedure. Such difficulties originate from the fact that bankruptcy legislation does not govern such situation specifically. The judicial authorities also apply a variety of approaches. Is the creditor entitled to initiate bankruptcy proceedings against all joint and several debtors or only against one of them? How do the rights of the creditor and of the surety regarding the debtor, who has partially settled the debt, correlate within the framework of bankruptcy proceedings? Specialists of the Law Firm "YUST" – Partner, Advocate Artem Kukin and Lawyer Rodion Smirnov – answer these and other questions in the article “Bankruptcy procedures regarding joint and several debtors” (“Corporate Lawyer” magazine, No. 5, 2012).

The Civil Jurisdiction of Swiss Courts.

The main aim of the civil judiciary in Switzerland is to provide support for the legal system in the sphere of private law.