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Practice definitions by YUST Law Firm partner Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya at the BestLawyers.com published

Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya, Partner of YUST Law Firm, subject to the request of the editors office of the Best Lawyers international guide prepared a specification of the Government Relations Practice and Government Practice that were consequently published on the Best Lawyers website. The target audience of this information is represented by foreign corporate lawyers and businesspeople that want to be acquainted of the legal “rules of the game” in Russia and understand which consultant shall be chosen for business in Russian.

Enthusiasm and sanctions

One of the most important factors limiting development of farms in Russia is difficulties with land registration. Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov explained to Lenta.ru what solutions to the problems are used nowadays. “The situation with land registration differs by region”, mentions partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov... Read more

Desecration of the Russian anthem may become a crime

The Supreme Court approved a draft law on criminal liability for desecration of the Russian anthem, prepared by senators Vadim Tulpanov and Andrey Klishas and deputy of the State Duma Raziet Natkho. Currently criminal liability (up to one year of imprisonment) is provided only for offence against the national coat of arms and flag. Amendments to the Criminal Code will allow for legal protection of all national symbols of Russia, as desecration of them is an offence against the nation and the state as a whole, in the opinion of law-makers.

Court monopoly

The possibility of uniting the systems of arbitration courts and general jurisdiction courts is being considered at the level of the Supreme Court and the Council of judges of Russia... Managing partner of YUST Law Firm Evgeny Zhilin discussed the dangers of abolishing arbitration courts with Znak.com online newspaper: “Arbitration proceedings are a special philosophy of...

Bot invasion

While insurance companies are trying to fight against traffic lawyers and complaining about them to the Central Bank, they are not wasting their time. Now complaints against insurance companies can be filed automatically using a smartphone... Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov analyzed the text of the complaint made by AutoLawyerBot and shared his opinion with RBK...

Currency clause: how to solve the problem and whether it is necessary

On May 19th, as part of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, a round table organized by Pravo.ru and dedicated to the issues of currency clause in agreements took place. This topic, enough already relevant at the time of crisis, attracted even more attention after the notable case of Vympelcom vs Tizpribor. A mobile operator leasing a building in the center of Moscow for a price pegged to the exchange rate, tried to judicially introduce a “currency band” condition into the contract...

Prohibitions instead of arrest

The government approved the draft law proposed by members of United Russia Ilya Kostunov and Larisa Shoygu adding a new pre-trial restriction to the Criminal Procedure Code - prohibition of certain actions not connected with isolation in the premises as in case of house arrest... Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov told Vedomosti newspaper that these proposals should only be welcomed...

Correction of errors

According to most lawyers, the most important event of the past year is the Civil Code reform, although not all ideas of almost seven years ago have been executed. The concept of development of civil legislation was prepared by the Council under the president of Russia on codification already back in 2009. After... ...Managing partner of YUST Law Firm Evgeny Zhilin told the supplement to RBK newspaper...


Development in conditions of decline

In the conditions of a long-term crisis, Russian law firms have to review their approach to development of current practices, however, they do not suffer from decrease of income... ...As a whole, the 2015 financial year was not a bad one for most law firms, and many managing partners of Russian law companies make optimistic predictions. Managing partner of YUST Law Firm Evgeny Zhilin told the supplement to RBK newspaper “St.Petersburg International Legal Forum - 2016” that in 2016 the increase of the firm’s income will constitute at least 15-20%. 

Always a holiday

Many of the permanent participants of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum are expecting this business event in a festive mood. The creativity of organizers in terms of entertainment program is “to blame”. However, before enjoying the cultural events, the lawyers are hoping to work efficiently. Managing partner of YUSt Law Firm Evgeny Zhilin told the supplement to Kommersant newspaper (St. Petersburg) “Legal Forum” about his expectations from the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in 2016