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Enthusiasm and sanctions

Enthusiasm and sanctions One of the most important factors limiting development of farms in Russia is difficulties with land registration. Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov explained to Lenta.ru what solutions to the problems are used nowadays.

“The situation with land registration differs by region”, mentions partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov. “It mainly depends on the position of the region’s authorities”. Villagers usually solve the land problem in one of the three ways: hire qualified lawyers, use the state services system, or cultivate it without official registration in case there are no other claimants of the land plot. According to Bolomatov, people often choose the last option as the cheapest one. Earlier the land plots used to be transferred from collective and state farms to private owners by units, but legally these are different types of property: a unit is an abstract share, while a plot is registered in the cadaster with all its details, Bolomatov clarifies. However, its registration requires costs: cadaster works, state duty, official registration. The lawyer mentions that there is an enormous number of disputes between owners of units, which keeps increasing.

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