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Partners of YUST Law Firm speaking about the Firm

In connection with the 25th anniversary of YUST Law Firm, the editors of the portal Pravo.ru traced the growth path of the Firm over a quarter of a century through the prism of the stories of its partners and customers


Moscow City Government has approved the voting procedure for the demolition of houses

Alexander Bolomatov, partner of YUST Law Firm, commented to the project "Mediazona" on the proposal of Moscow City Government to vote for or against abstract "renovation"


Bankruptcy of Andrei Chernyakov, former Head of Research and Production Association “Kosmos”

Alexander Bolomatov, partner of YUST Law Firm, spoke on the air of radio station “KommersantFM”, noting that “Andrei Chernyakov is very much likely to repay the debt to the Bank of Moscow, because foreign courts are willing to recognize and enforce the decisions of the Russian courts"


Foreign advocates in Russia

Alexander Bolomatov, partner of YUST Law Firm, gave comments to the “Novaya advocatskaya gazeta” newspaper on the project of complementing the Law on Advocacy and Advocacy Activity in the part of providing legal assistance on the territory of Russia


Surrogate motherhood has been brought to the legal field

Svetlana Burkanova, the senior lawyer of the family and inheritance practice of YUST Law Firm, gave comments to the “Izvestiya” newspaper on the rights of surrogate mothers


About the demolition of the Chruschev houses

Denis Panshin, legal consultant of YUST Law Firm, expressed his opinion on the vote to demolish the five-storey buildings on the air of radio station Business FM


Courts support the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia

Dmitry Seregin, counsellor at YUST Law Firm and member of the Expert council at the FAS of Russia, informs in his blog, “Novaya Advokatskaya Gazeta” (New Attorneys` Newspaper), that the courts have confirmed the approach permitting application of antitrust regulations to the actions of copyright holders which affect the competition restrictions on the commodity market


Economy tends to conviction

Alexander Bolomatov, partner at YUST Law Firm, commented in the "Profil" (Profile) newspaper, that civil law instruments of commercial disputes resolution tend to be substituted with criminal law instruments


The Court will correct the mistakes

“Vedomosti” newspaper interviewed Aleksandr Bolomatov, the partner of YUST Law Firm, on the draft law of Vladimir Ponevezhskiy, the former deputy of the “United Russia”, authorizing the Chairman of the Supreme Court, in exceptional cases, to take to study any case and to demand its revision