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Do push-ups, sing and stay human: how lawyers deal with stress

Do push-ups, sing and stay human: how lawyers deal with stress

No matter which category of lawyers you belong to: whether you are working in a large company or small, leading a private practice or working from home because you are bringing up children. In any case you are at increased risk of depression and nervous breakdowns, because the legal profession is one of the most stressful. But if you work in Big Law, the burden grows significantly. American lawyer Gary Ross, the author of the column in the magazine Above the Law, told colleagues how to inspire yourself and others and maintain positive attitude to avoid "emotional burnout".

Advocate Aleksandr Bolomatov, partner of YUST Law Firm

I believe that the key point in maintaining the attitude to work is teamworking. It is impossible to keep a positive attitude in a bad and negative atmosphere. Legal work is extremely difficult and stressful. Good attitude lies in the support of colleagues, in the belief that they will help you in a difficult situation, not the opposite. We work as a team, we rejoice in our shared victories and get upset about shared mistakes and support each other. It's very, very important. Maybe it sounds very pretentious, but the support of my colleagues and our friendly relationships mean a lot to me.

In the individual scope, attitude for success is important. There is nothing more uplifting than the joy of victories and achievements. When working on a large number of projects, you receive an additional bonus – you can often win and achieve success in different areas. It is very supportive.

Further, I think that the family factor plays a significant role. Your family needs to support you. To be a member of a lawyer’s family is not an easy task. Lawyers spend a lot of time at work, on business trips, and rarely stay at home. I think the family needs to understand and accept this, and give you all the support in difficult moments.

In general, the most important thing is to love your job (in all its manifestations), without this, no methods of mood enhancement will not work.

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