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About the demolition of the Chruschev houses

About the demolition of the Chruschev houses

May 15 people will vote on the demolition of the buildings at the site "Active citizen". The procedure looks very solid. In addition to the surnames and passport data Muscovites will be offered a unique number of a social security number, account number, certificate of registration of ownership. 

Denis Panshin, legal consultant of YUST Law Firm, expressed his opinion on the vote to demolish the five-storey buildings on the air of radio station Business FM: "we need to understand what the referendum is, in fact, a direct expression of citizens on a particular issue. It is organized directly by executive or legislative bodies. All of this is organized directly by the Moscow city electoral Commission. If there is a referendum and if all these issues are discussed in a referendum, and citizens vote "for", "against", then there, of course, should be no question of legitimacy at all because people have expressed their point of view, in accordance with the statutory election procedures. These procedures are prescribed in details, and, there is nothing to invent."

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