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Investigation asks to end illegal arrests

Investigation asks to end illegal arrests

The Federation Council (SF) will have a working group to draft a law on the deadlines for arrest. According to the senators, investigators often use "dishonest" techniques to knock out a person's confession. For example, over the past year, there has been an increase in the number of complaints of illegal detention and multiple extensions of these terms.

"The mandatory on the election of guards against entrepreneurs is cynically and universally violated, despite even criticism from the President," lawyer for the YUST Law Firm Andrey Orlov told “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”. He also said that recently, "in order to overcome the legislative ban on selecting the strictest preventive measure for entrepreneurs, the investigation in addition to the main entrepreneurial crime imputed to Article 210 of the Criminal Code, namely, the creation of an organized criminal community or participation in it." Such criminal groups appears more and more throughout the country, stresses Orlov. "As for the measures of pressure on the accused, more and more often we hear how the trustees complain of undisguised threats of imputation and serious charges appointment by the court of a serious term of imprisonment. The purpose of such threats, in their opinion, is to obtain confessions or conclude a pre-trial agreement. All this supplemented by promises of immediate change of preventive measure after the beginning of cooperation. But in practice, if confessions are given, the preventive measure against the accused may not change, and the accusation is often supplemented by new episodes".

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