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The Court will correct the mistakes

The Court will correct the mistakes

On Monday, the Commission of the Government on Legislative Activity supported the draft law of Vladimir Ponevezhskiy, the former deputy of the “United Russia”, allowing the Chairman of the Supreme Court, in exceptional cases, to take to study any case and to demand its revision. The White house agrees that the vesting of the Chairman of the Supreme Court and his Deputy with such powers will effectively eliminate judicial errors in relation to those defendants who, for whatever reason, have not appealed to a higher authority. 

Aleksandr Bolomatov, the partner of YUST Law Firm, shared his opinion about the draft law with “Vedomosti” newspaper: "On the one hand, everything seems to be clear, there is an illegal decision, which needs to be cancelled, so let's give it such an opportunity. But there are cases when the question of cancellation arises after 10 years and it has been suggested that the possibility of the cancellation destructs the concept of legal certainty".

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