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Import phase-out and localization of production in Russia

Partner of YUST Law Firm Patrick Pohlit and lawyer Erika Kindsvater prepared an article “Import phase-out and localization of production in Russia”. Read more

Franchising in Russia – myth or reality?

Getting the Deal Through, a competent international edition for corporate lawyers and practitioners published a material on the perspectives of franchising in Russia drawn up by the experts of the Law Firm "YUST": Partner Evgeny Zhilin, Partner, Advocate, Doctor-at-Law Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya, Advocate Denis Shumskiy.

B2B: Time to think about Public-private partnership

Partner of the Law firm "YUST", PhD Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya and lawyer of the Law firm "YUST" Roman Cherlenyak - for the newspaper The Moscow Times.

International Private Law: Contemporary Practice.

The collection focuses on topical questions of the practical application of international law norms: from the conclusion of external economic transactions to the examination of disputes in state courts and international commercial arbitration bodies.

Disposal of Russian Property Located Abroad.

The problems of locating, inventory, administration and disposal of Russian property abroad is a matter of constant public interest.

Legal Regulation of Foreign Investments in Russia.

The collection includes articles dealing with various aspects of problems connected with the legal regulation of foreign investments in Russia...

The Principle of Unity of Economic Space in the Russian Constitution

The problem of preserving territorial integrity while according a degree of independence to various administrative territorial units is an important matter in a federated state.