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The European direction

The German Law Practice of the Law Firm "YUST" has been active since 2015. Two German Advocates, Patrick Pohlit and Erika Kindsvater, work in the Practice.

Patrick Pohlit is an advocate and a tax adviser on the German law. His experience of advising Russian investors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European countries, and of rendering consultations to European companies in the Russian market, exceeds 12 years. Patrick is the first German partner in a large Russian law firm in the history of Russian legal consulting.

Patrick was born in Germany in 1974. He studied at the German Christian Albrecht University, at the Berlin District Court, and obtained the LLM grade in the sphere of international and commercial law in the Buckingham University of Great Britain. P.Pohlit used to head the Russian desk of a German law firm in Berlin, and later – the tax department of one of the leading German law firms in Moscow.

Patrick’s team includes Erika Kindsvater – yet another experienced and reliable German advocate in Russia. Before coming to YUST, Erika worked in the Land Court of Nordrhein-Westphalen (Germany), in the Prosecutor’s Office of the city of Munster (Germany), in the Federal Ministry of economic cooperation and development (“Economic policy: financial sector” section, city of Bonn, Germany).

Patrick and Erika are well-known by their colleagues for their close cooperation with the Russ-German Chamber of Foreign Commerce. Mr. Pohlit and Mme. Kindsvater take part in the events held by the Chamber and elucidate a wide range of solutions for topical problems in the sphere of tax law and commercial law that are especially important for the Russo-German commerce. In particular, businessmen and experts attentively and thankfully receive from our German Advocates the surveys of the changes of the legislation and trends of the judicial and administrative practice on the cases related to trans-national deals between affiliated entities. The Law Firm "YUST" takes pride in the work of Patrick and Erika on any matters of coming of the foreign business to the Russian market and of the commercial activity in the EU, mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and legal due diligence within the scope of international projects.

Foreign policy has become a factor of complication lately. Due to it, the interest of European investors into the Russian market fell. On the other hand, business in Russia has gained in specificity for those entrepreneurs from Germany and the EU, who used to invest large amounts in Russia. Such business became more competitive in certain cases. One of the tasks of the German Law Practice in the Law Firm "YUST" is to give the highest-level support to their clients in the complicated and constantly changing situation, minimize the risks and ensure the conditions for a comfortable business in Russia. Still, the businessmen of Russia and of the EU keep cooperating despite the foreign political factors, and our Advocates facilitate the establishment of mutual connections.

Protection of the commercial interests of Russian investors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other European Union countries is another important sphere. Two and a half decades have passed, during which Russian citizens have purchased in Europe, and principally in Germany, many assets, including real estate and securities, and the need arose to protect those assets and optimize taxes within the scope of the strict and complicated legislation of the EU. In particular, Patrick and Erika give special attention to the matters of taxation of inheritance, gifting, sale of expensive assets located in Germany and owned by Russians.

In order to receive more detailed information on the services, please contact the Advocates of our German practice at: +7 (495) 795-08-44