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No arguments against “Plato”

No arguments against “Plato” The third hearing at Moscow arbitration court on the claim of Alexey Navalny and Ivan Zhdanov, who required to declare void the concession agreement between Rosavtodor and RT-invest transport systems on the launch of “Plato” system took place - the court dismissed the claim.

The system of collecting fees from trucks with a weight more than 12 tons has been operating since November 15 of last year, its introduction caused protests among carriers and businesses. The operator ands concessioner of the system - RTITS - received the contract without competition by government’s decision. RTITS should receive 10,63 billion rubles from the state annually - this is about half of the budget income from “Plato” in 2016.

In January Navalny and lawyer of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Zhdanov requested to declare the cobcession agreement with RTITS void:L it was concluded without a competition, and the payments to RTITS are against the law on concession agreements.

In February Navalny and Zhdanov asked to submit the text of the agreement to the court. The court agreed and ordered RTITS to submit the document before March 2. However, RTITS and Rosavtodor still have not done it. Justice Vadim Valiev did not insist on it, referring to the fact the representative of RTITS brough a copy of the text and was ready to answer the questions.

Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Evdokimov told Vedomosti newspaper that courts quite often consider cases on declaring transactions void without requiring the confirming documents from the defendant.

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