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About the Firm

YUST Law Firm was founded in 1992 uniting leaders of Russian advocacy. Nowadays it is one of the oldest and most reliable law firms in Russia. 

Company’s specialists render full spectre of legal services both in B2B sector and to private entities in Russia and abroad. Our team of international partners enables us to fulfil our clients’ assignments effectively and competently in many parts of the world.

Company’s clients can always count on sound quality of services and a high level of professional responsibility.

International recognition and trust of long-established clients are the keystone of reputation and authority of YUST’s advocates. 

Leading Russian and international legal rankings such as Pravo300, the Legal 500, Chambers Global and The Best Lawyers include YUST annually in the list of leading Russian law firms. 


We are working to provide legal security of our clients, protect their interests and this way to promote the formation of a legal environment based on principles of good conscience, equitableness and reasonableness.

YUST Law Firm unites:

Moscow Colleague of Advocates “YUST Law Firm” (Moscow),
Advocates’ Colleague “YUST Isakov, Afanasiev, Ivanov” (Saint-Petersburg).

Our objectives

Our main objective is to provide in due time highly professional legal services to our clients. This defines other targets, connected with daily professional practice of YUST Law Firm, among which are:

  • effective organization of employees’ work on rendering qualified legal assistance to private individuals and legal entities:

  • employees’ professional skills improvement.

Our goal on legal services market is to expand both the spectre and location of services provided.

Moreover, YUST Law Firm sets objectives concerning interests of civil society, such as: 

  • further development of advocacy as a professional community of advocates and as an institution of civil society; 

  • enhancement of society’s legal culture and circulation of legal knowledge.

Our Principles

Advocate is an independent professional consultant on legal matters. Independence is the foundational principle of advocate’s profession, which is established by the Federal Law “On legal practice and the Bar in Russian Federation”. An advocate is obliged to avoid any encroachment upon his independence and he also must follow the rules of ethics. YUST Law Firm conforms to this principle. When executing our clients’ orders the first imperative is to exclude conflict of interests. As far as we obey this rule, our clients are guaranteed to receive our impartial and unbiased legal opinion.

High quality of the legal services is the main principle of our activities. Advocates, consultants and lawyers of our Firm graduated from the leading universities of Russia and other countries. We provide occupational development to our specialists. Employees of YUST Law Firm undergo regular qualification raising courses; they receive training in Russia and abroad; and they are also actively involved in scientific work. Knowledge and experience of our specialists enable the Firm to effectively represent the clients’ interests in cases of any complexity, as well as promptly and expertly resolve all legal issues of our clients.

The only promising and farsighted standpoint is the one based on law. We offer law to our clients. Law and competent interpretation of it. We are absolutely honest and explicit with our clients: when offering the whole of possible legal ways to handle the situation, we inform our clients about all feasible risks and perspectives with allowances made for potential changes in legislation. Realizing its responsibility to the clients, YUST Law Firm is committed to provide the highest standards of quality of the legal services.

Why Choose YUST?

  • 30 years of successful legal practice

  • Reputation for having the best specialists in court practice – advocates with a high level of professional accountability

  • Over 100 lawyers, recognized and rated by Russian and international law networks

  • Experts in supporting complex projects at a federal level

  • Our strong team of Partners, comprised of several generations of representatives, gives the team a wealth of experience, combined with cutting edge approaches to project management