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«Multilaw» is a global network of international law firms established in London (UK) in 1990 with the purpose of creating an alliance of carefully selected firms, which would henceforward be able to jointly offer the most efficient ways of meeting the clients’ international needs. As of today, Multilaw is one of the most significant global organizations of lawyers, and has gained recognition of the Chambers Global international rating in the most honorable status - «Elite». Only 10 international networks in the world have this status.

It should be noted that professional lawyers fr om the Russian Federation are only represented by a single firm in Multilaw: YUST. It has been there since 2007.

The business of today has no frontiers: commercial and corporate relations often encompass any countries, nations, cultures, continents, languages and laws in any combination. Multilaw has the highest requirements to its member firms regarding quality control of their procedures, which ensures the respective professionalism and compliance with the ethical norms.

The team of the Law Firm "YUST" is rightly proud of its legal competency and its ability to provide the clients with practical advice at the level of a business partner. We understand the law; not only that, but we also understand and know the realities of the market. Our experience in the Russian legal field as well as outside the Russian jurisdiction is unique. We are certainly proud of the fact that our Multilaw membership confirms our status in the eyes of potential clients everywhere.

The lawyers of the Law Firm "YUST", within the scope of their Multilaw participation, regularly act as experts in preparation of international references highlighting the main provisions of national legislations. Our employees take part in the annual conferences of representatives of the Multilaw member firms.

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