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International arbitration

Advocates and Associates of the Law Firm "YUST" have earned their reputation in the market of legal services as efficient and reliable legal counsel on virtually any issue of international private and public law.

Our specialists have extensive experience in successfully protecting the interests of clients in Russia and overseas in the course of settling international commercial disputes, including by mediation and international commercial arbitration (MCCA under the CCI of Russia, the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC, Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce etc.).

As the Law Firm "YUST" is a member of two international associations of law firms – Meritas and Multilaw – it is unique placed to swiftly provide its clients with legal assistance on the law of many foreign states and territories.

Our experts

List of the services

  • Representation of the clients’ interests in the course of signing and execution of external commercial contracts and other contracts with a foreign element.
  • Support for M&A transactions with a foreign element done by clients.
  • Elaboration and implementation of suggestions concerning restructuring of holding companies, subdivisions of which are located in different jurisdictions.
  • Representation of principals in international commercial arbitration, including in foreign states, in the course of settlement of disputes arising in the course of external commercial activity.
  • Recognition and execution of awards of international commercial arbitration and of rulings passed by foreign public courts.
  • Provision of the clients with legal assistance on the law of foreign states and territories through a worldwide network pf partner firms.