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Banking and financial law (securities)

Associates and Advocates of the Firm boast ample experience and detailed knowledge of the legal specifics of financial business, which they employ in providing clients with comprehensive legal support of their interests in the sphere, including consulting and representation in public and private courts (Moscow Commercial Court of Arbitration, Arbitration Committee under the MICE etc.).

Provision of services to financial market players and credit organizations has been one of the main areas of activity for the Law Firm "YUST" for many years.

The Firm’s specialists have successfully represented the interests of the largest Russian banks and leading financial organizations in over 2000 trials. A large portion of those disputes dealt with claim amounts exceeding 1 billion rubles. A number of the banking sphere projects, which the employees of YUST were involved in, greatly affected the forming of court practice countrywide, for example, in notable disputes such as “children deposits interest disputes” and disputes on exacting commission on credit accounts.

Our experts

List of the services

  • Subscriber as well as case-to-case legal support of the activity of foreign (including transnational) companies and private investors in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Legal support rendered to foreign investors, connected with establishing, reorganization and dissolution of Russian (subsidiary) companies, opening and closing repoffices and branches in Russia
  • Consulting on different matters of currency regulation and currency control, importation and exportation of currency valuables
  • Obtaining approvals according to the legally fixed procedure for transactions connected with foreign investments into economic companies of strategic significance for the defense of the country and security of the State