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«Meritas» is an international association of law firms uniting 178 law firms fr om 78 countries, including: 31 from Europe and Middle East, 102 firms from the USA and Canada, 13 firms from Asia. That honorable list includes YUST, Meritas member since 2012.

The Meritas Association was founded in Minneapolis (USA) in 1990 as a response to the business need for an effective search and hiring of highly qualified practitioners in foreign jurisdictions. Meritas sets high requirements to law firms, thus ensuring the confidence of business owners, in-house counsels and other principals towards the legal assistance rendered by the member firms.

Employees of the Law Firm "YUST" are diligent attendees of annual meetings of the Meritas members, wh ere sessions, seminars and round tables are held. Our experts also take part in separate meetings of Meritas special groups. In particular, this involves the work groups that unite taxation specialists from many countries that have developed economies or that give a wide offer of international financial services.

Thanks to its high qualification and its Multilaw and Meritas membership, the Law Firm "YUST" renders successful legal services to its Russian and foreign clients in Russia itself as well as in any other jurisdiction of the world.

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