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Protection of honor and dignity of F.M.Vyatkin, the then chairman of the Chelyabinsk Region Court

The “Person and Law” TV program divulgated the following false information concerning the then Chairman of the Chelyabinsk Region Court F.M.Vyatkin:

- about the involvement of F.M.Vyatkin with the illegal activities of Vitaly Rylskikh, Deputy of the Chelyabinsk City Duma, and Alexander Aristov, head of a metallurgical company, who are allegedly members of a criminal organization – the so-called “Kalinin family”.

- about the execution of a sham deal of exchange of 100 square meters of land with an incomplete foundation for an elite apartment in an elite house in the city of Chelyabinsk;

- about pressuring the judges of the Chelyabinsk Region into adoption of illegal and unfounded decisions for certain persons;

- of involvement with accidents, beatings and deaths of the judges, who refused to do his bidding.

Advocates of the Law Firm "YUST" filed with the Ostankinsky District Court of the city of Moscow the statement of claim to protect the honor and dignity for the interests of F.M.Vyatkin demanding to rule the information discrediting the honor and dignity of F.M.Vyatkin and false, and to publish the relevant disclaimer .

The court upheld the lawful demands by the representatives of F.M.Vyatkin on August 16 of 2013. The ruling entered into force. The “Person and Law” TV program issued a disclaimer afterwards.

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