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Х International Forum «Telecom 2014»

Х International Forum «Telecom 2014»

Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya, Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", and Associate Andrey Astanin took part in the jubilee X International Forum «Telecom 2014» on April 23 of 2014. This year’s forum counted with the presence of a record number of leading members of the Russian telecommunications market. Topical matters and problems of the telecom industry and its legal aspects were discussed within the framework of the forum.

YUST’s representatives participated in the following discussions of the forum: implementation of the license plate number transferability service, leveling of the problems of digital inequality,  perspectives of the mobile broadband Internet access in the light of development of mobile Internet access, advantages and disadvantages of legislative initiatives aimed at regulating the telecoms market etc. 

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