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II Russian-Polish Legal Day: in the centre of the discussions - the protection of investments

II Russian-Polish Legal Day: in the centre of the discussions - the protection of investments

the second Russian-Polish Legal Day: in the center of discussion – investment protection.

In Moscow on 24 October 2013 was the II Russian-Polish legal day legal forum, the aim of which is to bring together legal and business communities of Russia and Poland to create a comfortable legal, business and socio-cultural climate. Among the participants were representatives of well-known international and national companies, including law firms in Russia and Poland. The event opened by the Deputy Minister of justice of the Russian Federation Elena Borisenko. In the framework of the event the experts discussed the extent of the protection of investments, which is provided by bilateral investment agreements. In particular, lawyers and business exchanged views on: how secure are, from a legal point of view investments in the absence of agreement between Russia and Poland through foreign companies, for example, from Cyprus or Luxembourg or at the conclusion of the bilateral investment concerts Poland/Russia - Luxembourg/Cyprus; what are the risks of sovereign investment funds; how do they affect the conduct of the Affairs of the jurisdictional reservation and protection most favored nation treatment; and when necessary, and when the unnecessary interference of the state in the sphere of foreign investments (the political risk). The lawyers were able to examine in detail the peculiarities of the Polish and Russian justice: from the Statute of limitations and consideration of disputes to the risk of corruption, and the most high-profile cases recently. Did not remain without attention to the topical theme of the differences between the courts of General jurisdiction and courts of arbitration in Russia. Partner of the Law firm "just", lawyer Alexander bolomatov told about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these systems on the example of the participation of foreign entities in disputes connected with entrepreneurial activity. Presentation can be viewed read more. Participants were also able to receive recommendations about what type of corporate governance can be considered optimal in typical situations. Upon completion of the event the representatives of the legal and business communities warmly thanked the organizers of the high level forum held and proposed a series of discussions to transfer to the forum next year. Program of the event you can see here.

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