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INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: latest changes in the legislation. Conference

The market of intellectual property grows each year, and the matters of regulation of IP consequently become ever more important. It is common knowledge that Russian legislation of the sphere is behind the Western countries. Russia is seriously behind the European and other developed nations in this area, but keeps making concentrated efforts in that direction.

The last year was indicative of the state’s attention towards the problem, especially in the view of Russia’s joining the WTO and amending the CCRF.

The Conference “Intellectual Property: latest changes in the legislation” will be held in Moscow on October 18, 2012. It is organized by The Moscow Times newspaper.

The event’s format will allow discussing the most topical issues in the sphere of legislation and analyzing the tendencies in the area of protection of intellectual property rights.

Advocate Denis Shumskiy will represent the Law Firm "YUST" and speak at the session “Intellectual property: amendments to part IV of the CCRF”.

During his speech, the Advocate will tell about know-how as an alternative to patenting, and call the participants’ attention to the following points:

  • Practical aspects of formalizing the rights to industrial secrets (know-how) and current legal regulation in that sphere;
  • Advantages and drawbacks of formalizing the protection of intellectual rights in the regime of know-how as compared to patenting;
  • Disposing of the know-how rights;
  • Perspectives in the light of the suggested amendments to part 4 of the CCRF.

Session time: 12:20 – 14:00.

The program of the session and the list of participants are available here.

The Conference is to be held at: Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel (Moscow, Petrovka St., 11) (closest subway stations: Kuznetsky Most – 450 meters; Teatralnaya – 450 meters; Chekhovskaya – 450 meters).

More details are available at the organizers’ website.

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