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Law Forum of Russia. The IX Annual Business Forum

The law forum, which is held by the “Vedomosti” newspaper annually, is a space, well-respected by the legal community, for meetings of business heads, corporate lawyers, external counsel, judges and advocates for discussion of problematic legislation matters for the purposes of development of the real economy sector of Russia.

The agenda of the discussion includes the following items: which system of legal acts stimulates, and which one hampers the forming of favorable business environment; what actions by the authorities are required for creation of comfortable business conditions.

The initiatives of changes to the Civil Code that affect corporate law will be analyzed. Issues of legal support in the financial sphere will be discussed during the Forum. Problems of antitrust and tax law will be scrutinized at the discussion tables. Matters of judicial reform and of effectiveness of court rulings execution will be put under attention.

The following experts are invited:

  • Pavel Krasheninnikov, Chairman of the Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation, State Duma;
  • Vladimir Pligin, Chairman of the Committee on constitutional legislation and construction of State, State Duma;
  • Mikhail Galperin, Director of department of Economic Legislation, Ministry of Justice of Russia;
  • Sergey Arakelov, Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service;
  • Andrey Tsarikovsky, Secretary of State, Deputy Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service;
  • Irina Gridneva, Registration and Controlling Supervisor of the North-Eastern region, Nokia Siemens Networks;
  • Olga Kozlova, Chief of Department of Transfer Pricing of the legal operations block, Inter RAO EES;
  • Elena Semagina, Chief of the Service of Tax Expertise of the Tax Department, Vympelkom;
  • Ruslan Ibragimov, Vice President of legal and corporate matters, MTS;
    Also, Yury Pilipenko, Managing Partner, Law Firm "YUST";
    Artem Kukin, Partner, Law Firm "YUST";
    Arthur Rokhlin, Partner, Law Firm "YUST";
    Maxim Rovinskiy, Head of Tax and Customs Law Practice, Law Firm "YUST";
    And other notable experts of the legal community.

Dates of the event: April 3-5 of 2013.

The program of the event is available here.

The location of the event – see here.

For more details see the organizers’ website.

Release of the VIII Law Forum held by “Vedomosti” in 2012 is available here.

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