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Leaders of the legal services market in 2020 according to Kommersant Publishing House

Leaders of the legal services market in 2020 according to Kommersant Publishing House

On February 26, 2020, the annual annex “Legal Business” issued by Kommersant Publishing House came out. The annex includes the results of the annual multiple-stage research and analysis of the best practices of the leading players in the Russian legal services market.  

Traditionally, the rating covers three research categories: “Best legal practices”, “Best industry practices” and “Ranking of individual lawyers”. 

In 2020, YUST Law Firm is featured in the following nominations:  

“Best legal practices”

  • Russian arbitration: High-end dispute resolution (Group 1); 
  • Russian arbitration: Mid-market corporate dispute resolution (Top15); 
  • Antitrust law (Group1); 
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy: bankruptcy of banking institutions (Top15); 
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy: bankruptcy of legal entities (Group 1); 
  • Transborder economic activities / customs law and currency regulation (Top 10); 
  • Public-private partnership (Top15); 
  • Intellectual property: legal consulting in the field of intellectual property (Group 2);  
  • Corporate law: Mid-market merger and acquisition of Russian assets (Group 1); 
  • Tax law: consulting on tax legislation (Group 2); 
  • Dispute resolution in general jurisdiction courts: property disputes (Top 15); 
  • Family law: disputes on marriage dissolution and property division (Top 15). 

“Best industry practices” 

  • Finance and banking sector: consulting of leaders in the finance and banking sector (top 15); 
  • Healthcare: consulting of leaders in the medical services and pharmacological industry (top 15); 
  • ТМТ: consulting of industry leaders (top 15);  
  • Art: consulting of leaders in the field of art (top 5). 

In “Ranking of individual lawyers” the following lawyers were personally recommended:   

  • Tatiana Starikova – in the practices “Dispute resolution in general jurisdiction courts”, “Family and inheritance law” and “Private capital”; 
  • Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya – in the practices “Public-private partnership” and “Corporate law / Mergers and acquisitions”; 
  • Alexander Bolomatov – in the practice “Corporate dispute resolution”;
  • Igor Kostennikov – in the practice “Transborder economic activities”;
  • Dmitry Seregin – in the practice “Antitrust regulation”; 
  • Denis Shumsky – in the practice “Intellectual property”. 


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