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Meeting with the students of the faculty of law of the M.Lomonosov Moscow State University


Yury Pilipenko, Senior Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", First Vice-President of the Federal Chamber of Advocates, met with the professors and students of the faculty of law of the M.Lomonosov Moscow State University on April 4 of 2014.

In his speech, Y.Pilipenko dwelt on some permanent questions of the advocate’s professional ethics: unacceptability of breaches of the principal’s rights, attorney-client privilege, conflict of interests, “success fee”. Y.Pilipenko also told the audience about the perspectives of introduction of the advocate’s monopoly in the Russian Federation and gave a number of reasons for the institution.

Y.Pilipenko included in his speech a number of historical references showing honest fulfilment by advocates of their professional duty to the principals (Vera Zasulich case etc.). The speaker also dwelt upon topical matters of adherence to the rules of the advocate’s professiobnal ethics in today’s Russia.

At the threshold of the anniversary of adoption of the new edition of the Advocate’s Code of Professional Ethics, Y.Pilipenko told about the work on the draft amendments to the Code he had led, as well as of the second edition of his Scientific and practical commentary to the Code.

Y.Pilipenko gave a special attention towards communication with the audience and gave exhaustive answers to numerous questions of those present.

The meeting was also attended by Head of the Bankruptcy Group of the Law Firm "YUST" Vasily Raudin. He told the students of his activity as the Deputy Chairman of the State Attestation Commission of the Faculty of Law of the M.Lomonosov MSU, and also spoke about the most significant amendments to the Advocate’s Code of Professional Ethics. V.Raudin also shared his information on the requirements to the students and graduates of the universities during employment with consulting firms.

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