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Meritas annual meeting in Boston

 Meritas annual meeting in Boston

Maxim Rovinskiy, Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", took part in the annual meeting of Meritas. The event occurred fr om April 30 till May 2nd in Boston, “the intellectual capital” of the USA.

Meritas is one of the largest international associations of law firms. It incorporates 178 multisectoral law firms of 178 countries, including: 31 from Europe and Middle East, 102 firms from the USA and Canada, 13 Asian firms.

The year 2015 will be the year of the 25th anniversary of Meritas.

Delegates of virtually each member firm took part in the annual congress of Meritas.

Partner M.A.Rovinskiy took part in plenary meetings as well as in seminars and roundtables dedicated, inter alia, to: organization of the work of a modern-day multisectoral law firm; clients’ demand towards legal services at the current stage; regional peculiarities of conduction of legal business.

M.A.Rovinskiy’s participation as the Head of the Tax and Customs Practice of the Firm in the Meritax group meeting is worthy of a special mention. Meritax is composed of specialists in the taxation sphere from many countries with a developed economy or that widely offer international financial services.

Cooperation within this group permits rendering of high-quality legal services in any jurisdiction, wh ere the client may have tax issues.

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