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Modern private law in Russia and the EU. International conference

Modern private law in Russia and the EU. International conference

n Moscow on September 27 took place the international scientific-practical conference «Modern private law in Russia and the EU», organized by the Institute of state and law of RAS and Russian-German law Institute and Kiel University. Christian Albrecht with the support of the Law firm «YUST».

The event was opened by the senior partner of the Law firm «YUST», Director of the Institute of state and law of RAS, academician Andrey Lisitsyn-Svetlanov. In his opening remarks, he pointed to the attention of Russian and foreign experts to the forthcoming modernization of the Russian civil legislation.

«But the fact is that the issues associated with the adoption of the Code and its further work in the modern world be isolated. Not only in some special cases with a foreign element, but in General, the regulation of private law relations in a country is a certain indicator of the country is interested, for example, for investors», - said academician Andrey Lisitsyn-Svetlanov.

«Modern processes require certain integration of ideas, perhaps, and legal institutions themselves, " he continued. - «In this regard, the organization of the conference provides the problems of Russian private law with the tendencies that exist in the European Union».

The event was attended by Russian specialists, but also foreign guests: Professor, Dr. Rainer Wedde (Business school in Wiesbaden, University Rhine / main (Rhine-main, Germany),Professor, Dr. Burkhard Брайг (Free University of Berlin) and other

Speaking at the event, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation Vasily Nechaev stressed the need to improve private law to enhance the competitiveness of our economy. In turn, the new institutions would be offset by the strengthening of the principle of good faith,» he noted.

Interview partner of the Law firm «YUST» Arthur Rokhlin the Russian Agency of legal and judicial information RAPE «Amendments to the Civil code: conscience is an economic category» see here

In the future the participants of the conference discussed the issues of contractual liability and the principle of good faith, the principle of party autonomy in contractual relations in the international private law, development of management of cross-border sale and purchase agreements and other

Read more about one of the discussions is available in the blog About. O.pleshanova record of 27.10.2012 «Precontractual liability - contractual or tortious?»

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