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Private arbitration reform. What happens next?

Private arbitration reform. What happens next? Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov took part in the away conference of St.Petersburg International Legal Forum in Kaliningrad “Private arbitration reform. What happens next?”

In his speech the expert discussed the following issues:
  • new regulations on arbitration agreements,
  • arbitrability of corporate disputes,
  • guarantees of the parties in case of corporate disputes being considered by private arbitration.
"Businesses things that complex issues should not be resolved byprivate arbitration, as it is considered that state courts examine the resolved cases very thoroughly and use every opportunity to refuse”, Alexander Bolomatov told portal in the course of the Conference. “An opinion of the Supreme Court is required to help major companies change their view”. And in general, if companies trust private arbitration, it will mean that the reform is successful and the law operates efficiently, Bolomatov summarized.

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