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Russian week of PPP 2014

From 11 to 13 March 2014 in the International press center RIA Novosti (Moscow) was held infrastructural Congress «Russian week PPP 2014», organized by the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and the Center for development of public-private partnership supported by the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of carrying out of week of PPP is the dissemination of best practices in the implementation of PPP projects to improve the lives of the citizens of the Russian Federation.

The event was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and agencies, representatives of regional authorities, Russian and foreign investors, banks, legal and financial consultants specializing on rendering services in sphere of public-private partnership.

Law firm «YUST» at the event was represented by the partner, attorney, Dr. Jur Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya.

Within weeks of PPP were plenary sessions, round tables, panel discussions, on which stakeholders can share their experience, discuss problems and suggest ways of their solution.

Participants noted the increasing interest on the part of the state to PPP projects, the successful implementation of which allows to solve social problems of the state, with minimal cost to the budget. A private equity investor for the decision of tasks facing the state, gives impetus to development of the private sector and enhances opportunities for business through participation in those projects, which were previously carried out by the state itself.

However, the experts had to admit that at present the state-private partnership is not widely used. The main reason is underdevelopment of the legislative framework and lack of initiative of the state and municipal authorities in the implementation of PPP projects.

Among the many issues discussed at the event, the greatest interest of participants was caused by the following problems:

· as the state correctly prepare the PPP project and to evaluate the effectiveness of its implementation;

· participation of foreign investors in Russian PPP projects;

· the use of PPP projects in the solution of infrastructural problems of large cities.

In the framework of the sectoral sessions were actively discussed the possibility of implementing PPP in the field of energy supply and energy efficiency in health care, in the field of defense and security, transport spheres.

Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya, participated legal debate on PPP legislation, during which were discussed such problems as:

· the provisions of the current legislation hindering the development of PPP projects;

· distribution of PPP projects and procurement for state needs made in accordance with Federal law «On contract system;

· experience of regions in the use of legal mechanisms for the implementation of PPP projects;

· the envisaged amendments to the Federal law «On concession agreements»;

· peculiarities of contracts life cycle and their scope.

More information about the program and list of participants Weeks PPP can be found at the link.

Media sponsor - magazine World Financial Review - prepared a special issue devoted to the problems of PPP projects in Russia. In this edition published an article partner of the Law firm «YUST» Anna Kotova-Smolenskaya and lawyer of the Law firm «YUST» Dmitry Joubrina on the theme «Public-private partnership in the sphere of housing and communal services: how not to drain private investment in the sewer?».

In the article the authors consider the right mechanisms of attracting private capital to the development of public infrastructure. This issue is extremely important, as currently in private investment in the sector is minimal, and the existing problems cannot be effectively resolved exclusively by forces and means of the state. In this connection, PPP projects in the utility sector acquires a special urgency and importance, since their successful implementation has every opportunity to provide solution of tasks on creation and reconstruction of municipal systems of Russian cities, as well as for their effective operation.

The article can be found at the link.

Full version of the magazine " World Financial Review for March 2014 is available at the link

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