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The Legal Committee of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce answers questions concerning the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.


Managing Partner of the Law Firm "YUST" Evgeny Zhilin and Advocate Erika Kindsvater took part in the round table on the subject of legal aspects of the crisis situation in Ukraine and the subsequent reaction of the European Union and the USA towards the actions of Russia. The event occurred at the German Economy House and the German Embassy in Moscow on April 29 of 2014 and was attended by over 35 German companies.

Erika Kindsvater, Advocate of the Law Firm "YUST", enumerated in detail all the latest steps and plans of the Russian authorities to incorporate Crimea and Sebastopol in the Russian legislative field, and also analyzed the latest law of the Republic of Ukraine “On occupied territories”. That law may create many collisions and even sanctions for the entrepreneurs, who work with Ukraine and also wish to establish business ties in Crimea, where the Russian legal system is already being put into effect.

Despite this, said Erika, there already is some interest to the sphere of PPP in Crimea from foreign (mainly Chinese) investors. Infrastructural projects in Crimea attract the attention of the Austrian Ministry on transport, innovations and technology. This is mainly due to the large investments, which the Russian government plans to make in the new unit of the Russian Federation.

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