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Vasily Raudin, Advocate of the Law Firm "YUST", told the students how to successfully pass an interview in a consulting company


Advocate Vasily Raudin, Head of the Bankruptcy Group of the Law Firm "YUST", delivered the master class “The art of presenting oneself, or How to successfully pass an interview in a law firm” at the Oleg Kutafin Moscow State Academy of Law.

During the master class, the Advocate told students how to make a good CV and how to successfully pass a job interview at a law firm.

V.Raudin explained the main mistakes made by the aspirant employees in their CVs and during interviews, and also gave examples of his own practice of holding interviews.

The future lawyers asked V.Raudin many questions during his speech, being interested in the matters of the future employment trials in the profession.





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