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YUST Law Firm turns 24

YUST Law Firm turns 24 Today YUST Law Firm celebrates its 24th anniversary. Since 1992, YUST has a noticeable and important place in the legal services market. As of now, one hundred lawyers are employed in the firm, who adopted and enriched the experience of the executives. The firm is especially proud of its professional partner team: the partners of YUST always overcame difficulties and complex periods with honor, staying loyal to the most important cause.

“Sustainable development, maintaining the current business model, establishing new offices, as well as conquering new markets, new in terms of sectoral and territorial profile” - these are the company’s perspectives in the opinion of managing partner Evgeny Zhilin. He believes that all of the firm’s achievements are well-deserved and logical, and YUST can count on success and thriving in the future.

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