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A phone call to freedom

A phone call to freedom The State Duma’s Committee on penal legislation approved the amendments for the second reading of the senators’ draft law concerning the detained person’s right to a phone call. The amendments to the Penal Procedural Code were adopted in the first reading in October, and obliged the investigator to provide the detained person with the opportunity to make a phone to a family member or a relative within two hours of the detention. The detained person’s attorney was allowed to be present during the drawing up of the minutes of the detention. The investigators currently have the right to take 12 hours to decide, who will call which relatives in order to inform about the detention.
Alexander Bolomatov, Partner of the Law Firm “YUST”, shared his opinion concerning the draft law with the Vedomosti newspaper: "Does it matter, what the close relatives are talked about with – such a strange limitation may be manipulated upon. Still, the initiative is a small step towards the correct goal, and better than nothing. It is a strange thing, when a person living in the XXIst century, is unable to call their relatives. As concerns the draft laws drawbacks, it is better to let it get some application practice and make corrections afterwards".

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