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A hectare for each

A hectare for each

Y.Trutnev’s suggestion to give a hectare of the Far Eastern land free of charge to any Russian for agriculture or organization of a forest or hunting grounds got the President’s approval. Only those entitled to social benefits may currently receive land free of charge. However, those, who wish to establish their land plot in the region, will have to bear obligations.

In theory, one may receive land free of charge even today, no matter if the claimant lives in the region, where he wants to get land, or any other region.

Ekaterina Motyvan, Senior Associate of the Law Firm "YUST", says: “The maximum area of the lot given may differ in various regions. Nowadays, only those, who are entitled to social benefits, may receive land as property or on lease free of charge”.

The idea of possible free allotment of land is mentioned in the Strategy of social and economic development of the region until 2025. The Strategy says that preferences are given to those Russians, who reside or wish to come to reside in the Far East and in the Baikal region for the purpose of attracting population to those territories. “A one-time free allotment of land plots of up to 0,3 hectares used to be stipulated”. 

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