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An investigator needs no taxman for the case

An investigator needs no taxman for the case

The investigators recovered their former authority in the criminal tax cases – they will be able to initiate them without any submission from the Tax Service. The investigators will formally request the taxmen’s opinion, but such opinion will not be imperative. Also, nobody will wait for the inspectorate, if it procrastinates with the answer. Such were the amendments to the PPRF that the State Duma adopted in the second reading as submitted by the President Vladimir Putin <...>

Maxim Rovinskiy, Partner of the Law Firm "YUST", says that the concession made to the taxpayers is “insignificant”. In his opinion, “in consideration of the workload of the tax authorities, one cannot expect any deep study of each situation by the inspectors within the specified period”. He says: “It will be easier for the taxmen to give no opinion at all in complicated cases, even more so that this will not hinder the consideration of the matter of the case initiation”. M.Rovinskiy states: “The accusatory inclination of the Russian tax authorities is common knowledge, and one can hardly expect a tax inspector to protect the taxpayers”.

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