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Dumped man claims money spent on dates through court

Dumped man claims money spent on dates through court

A Krasnoyarsk resident is trying to recover 46 thousand rubles he spent on romantic dates with a lady, the relationship with whom did not work out, through court. For two years the man had been collecting receipts and counting his expenses, and right after the breakup he filed an application to court claiming to recover every penny spent.

Alexander Evdokimov, head of litigation and arbitration practice, partner of YUST Law Firm, gave his view on the perspectives of the case to Business FM: "It is certainly difficult to understand without seeing his position and grounds for his claims. It is likely that he sees it as a transaction: when he spent the money he in fact gave material benefits to the lady free of charge and thus counted on repayment and acted under influence of misrepresentation. In this case we can use our imagination. The description of the man’s expenses looks like a gift agreement. I suppose the court rejected his claim exactly on this ground, since the man’s expenses were a type of gift in the form of, for example, releasing the lady from the responsibility to pay the check in a restaurant. I think that the man does not have a lot of perspectives in this case, even taking into account that this situation is to a certain extent comical. From an everyday life perspective this is a rather common situation. From the legal point of view, I think that any man who is dissatisfied with the development of his relationship can find either common sense or advisers that help not to take such rash actions as recourse to court. Unless he took receipts or other written commitments from the lady that may be interpreted in any other way from the point of view of civil law.

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