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MULTILAW - 2013. Results of the activity and future plans


The annual conference of representatives of the companies – members of MULTILAW International Association of Independent Law Firms was held in Buenos Aires on October 24 to 27 of 2013. Partner Evgeny Zhilin represented the Law Firm "YUST".

The Argentinian law company Zang, Bergel y Viñes Abogados was the receiving party. Together with Hope Krebs, Partner of Duane Morris LLP, they organized the expert discussions of:

  • The possibilities of change of the pricing policy in the conditions of modern competition at the national and international markets;
  • Trends in the M&A sphere;
  • Modern standards of quality of legal assistance to clients;
  • Risks and perspectives of entry in new national markets, and many other issues.

Mark Lowndes, Chairman of MULTILAW, told about the results of the Association’s activity and on the plans for the next few years.

The experts were also able to get familiar with the survey of the world economy and opportunities for the law business that was prepared and delivered at the Conference by the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina.

In his turn, Partner Evgeny Zhilin of the Law Firm "YUST" successfully gave the presentation of the next MULTILAW conference that is to occur in 2014 in Moscow with the active assistance from the Firm.

For information

MULTILAW Multinational Association of Independent Law Firms was founded in 1990. It currently encompasses over 8000 lawyers in over 150 commercial centres throughout the world. MULTILAW mission is to help its members provide the best service possible to clients — everywhere, every day. The Law Firm "YUST" has been the only Russian law company member of MULTILAW since 2007.

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