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Soft landing

Soft landing Russian authorities are once again trying to lower the risk of criminal prosecution against businessmen. In fact, however, the prepared amendments to legislation are likely to aggravate the situation of businesses once again, and it will be even more difficult for the economy to overcome stagnation.

“Businessmen are not protected from criminal prosecution in any way, and law enforcement officials are in fact not responsible for their actions in any way. In word the authorities support liberalization, but there are no guarantees. District investigators should be deprived of the right to initiate cases on so-called business crimes and reserve it only for head of the Investigative Committee of Russia and his deputies, which may serve as a control factor for large businesses”, partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov told Money magazine.

Collecting taxes and not allowing for the business to go shady in the conditions of decreasing business activity is not an easy task, given the pressure that Russian businessmen suffer from officials and law enforcement officers, the lawyer added. According to him, the activity started only after the president’s speech before the General Prosecutor’s Office on March 24, 2016.

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