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Olga ZAYTSEVA, Lawyer of the Law Firm “YUST”, took part in the annual training program organized by the Bar of the city of Paris.


47 young advocates from 25 countries, including Ireland, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Turkey, Bulgaria, Colombia and Brazil, took part in the training program.

For one month, the training program participants attended an intensive course of lectures on organization of advocate’s profession in France and Paris, on peculiarities of client representation in courts, on negotiation and mediation.

Within the framework of the training, the participants had the opportunity to attend proceedings in various judicial instances of Paris.

The training program provided active discussion of issues on peculiarities of advocate practice in different countries and rules of cooperation with clients.

Establishment of close connections and friendly relations between advocates from different countries in order to promote the level of service to their clients was one of the main objectives of the training program.

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