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Participation of the Law firm “YUST” in the National Congress of French Lawyers.


The IV Congress of French lawyers on ‘Competition and Competitiveness’ was held in Lille (France) on 16-18 October 2008.

The Congress is organized by the National Council of Bar Associations every three years, being the most important event for the French lawyers.

This year, the meeting of lawyers from all regions of France was held at large-scale: 5,500 lawyers (out of 45,000 French lawyers) took part in the event. Representatives of 18 countries participated in the congress. The law firm “YUST” was represented by the counselor Agnès Lalardrie.

Many conferences and round tables were dedicated to such topical issues as the latest reforms in different law areas in France, the possibility of creation of a ‘new wide profession’ in law, the latest decisions concerning professional secretes of lawyers (the attorney-client privilege) with regard to combating money-laundering, and the possibility of creation a new act of "legal signature” (which has a higher legal effect than a simple written form but a smaller effect than a notarial certificated act).

One of the round tables was organized with the assistance of Christine Lagarde, Minister of Economics, Industry and Employment of France (who made a lawyer’s career at Baker & McKenzie in France and the USA), and with participation of Bruno Lasserre, Head of the Council for Competition Regulation. During the round table, participants confirmed the importance of market regulation not only by way of sanctions but also by negotiations; the importance of law and consequently of lawyers in competitive law development was determined.

The participation in the congress became a good opportunity for international lawyers to discuss topical issues and for the Law Firm “YUST” to expand its professional contacts with the colleagues abroad.

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