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Projects Manager of the Law firm “YUST”, Evgeny Zhilin, took part in an event organized under the auspices of the “Multilaw” international association of independent law firms.


The annual European regional meeting of the international association of independent law firms “Multilaw” took place from 31 May to 3 June 2007 in Istanbul. The meeting was attended by representatives of approximately 40 law firms, members of the association from more than 30 European, North and South American and Asian-Pacific states. The Law firm “YUST” was invited to participate in the conference as an observer.

At the conference, the participants discussed current issues of interaction, connected with the organization of the process of rendering legal services to clients abroad. They noted the growing efficiency of the so-called system of “mutual referral of cases”, that envisages both the direct referral of its client by a firm to a law firm within the jurisdiction required by that client, and the mediated attraction of foreign law firms to the rendering of legal services on the basis of an issued mandate.

To date, the “Multilaw” international association of independent law firms has no Russian members. Consequently, the participants of the conference displayed genuine interest in the establishment of cooperation with the law firm “YUST” on the basis of the above-mentioned principle of mutual referral of cases.

The establishment of contacts with the members of the “Multilaw” association would enable the law firm “YUST” to broaden its possibilities in the sphere of organizing legal aid for its clients abroad.

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