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Sports law – 2013: sports regulations and new practice of the RFU and CAS


The first issue of the “Sports Law” scientific magazine of 2013 was published with the support from the Law Firm "YUST" and the Statut Publishing House. Six issues of the magazine will be published in 2013.

The first one is dedicated to the sports regulations, which essentially regulate not only the process of holding sports competitions, but also the procedure of applying sanctions, the sportsmen transfers, the access to competitions, the agents’ activity end other closely related matters.

Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, explains in his interview why the Winter Olympics in Sochi are an exam for the entire country, tells about the development of juvenile sports and legal regulation of the sports sphere in Russia as a whole.

The leading experts have also shared their opinion:

  • On the legal regulation of the XXVII World Summer Student Games of 2013 in Kazan
  • Of the local and self-governing in professional sports;
  • Of the preparation for the Sochi Olympics and the World Football Cup of 2018;
  • And of the most famous cases of change of sports nationality.

The experts of the Law Firm "YUST" – Head of Sports Law Group Mikhail Prokopets and Darina Nikitina – contributed to the creation of the new issue. They prepared the materials:

  • On the preconditions of third parties’ investments into the football business and on the mechanisms of operation of “federative” and “economic” rights;
  • On the Matusalem precedent case;
  • On the new practice of the RFU and CAS in the cases involving Russian clubs.

The information on the previous issues is available at the magazine’s website.

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