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“Sports Law”: a new magazine in the legal press market


The first issue of the “Sports Law” scientific and practice magazine was published with the support from the Law Firm "YUST" and the “Statut” editorial house.

Pavel Krasheninnikov is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the magazine, Chairman of the Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Guardians of the Hockey Federation of Russia. He says that, despite the fact that Russia is always in the center of the world’s largest sports events, and that the development of sports is one of the most important components of our state policy, the Russian sports law is still in active development. P.Krasheninnikov stresses in his complimentary address on the pages of the “Sports Law” that the issue of this magazine is extremely important and essential to the lawmaking process.

The pilot issue’s main theme is the development of sports law in Russia.

The leading sports lawyers of the country explain:

  • Why sports should follow laws and not the “criminal rules”;
  • What the Sports Code of Russia is really for;
  • What problems the organizers of sports events in Russia face;
  • What the difference is between liquidated damages and buy-out clause in the employment agreement between the football club and the player;
  • Alternative means of fighting the “agreed matches” without resorting to law enforcement bodies.

Mikhail Prokopets, Head of sports law practice of the Law Firm "YUST", offered for the readers’ attention 7 pieces of advice for a football player who has no lawyer.

Also, the first issue of the magazine contains a large portion of the foreign experience of functioning of the special jurisdiction courts in the sports area, its analysis and the example of the practice of the Court of Sports Arbitration in Lausanne and the Italian sports justice bodies.

The themes of publication, besides football, cover a large variety of legal problems independently from the sport.

The magazine has already been highly praised by sports lawyers and will be interesting for a professional as well as for a reader without special knowledge – few people are indifferent to sports.

Three issues of the magazine will appear each six months.

The first issue is available for FREE download from the official website of the magazine.

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