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The second issue of Sports Law magazine: everything about sportsmen in politics


The second issue of Sports Law magazine was published with the support from the Law Firm "YUST" and Statut Publishing House.

Nikolay Valuev in his interview to the magazine tells about his role in the State Duma, his plans for the nearest future and of the cases, when he requested the services of sports lawyers.

Also, in this issue of the magazine, leading sports lawyers of Russia:

  • Tell about criminal liability under the Sports Code of France;
  • Go into legal details of EURO-2012 and financial fair-play of UEFA;
  • Demonstrate third persons’ rights at the players’ transfers in Russia;
  • Share their secrets of guerilla marketing;
  • Analyze the practice of Russian and international sports courts.

The magazine also gives the expert’s opinion by Mikhail Prokopets, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Head of Sports Law Practice of the Law Firm "YUST", on the Zahovayko and “Apollon Kalamarias” case.

A free copy of the pilot issue is available at the website of the magazine.

For the subscription information see here.

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