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Training of feelings. The training of parents, who wish to adopt a child, becomes obligatory since September 1st.


Federal Law No. 351-FZ was adopted late last year and introduced changes to the Family Code. Future adoptive parents will now have to take obligatory psychological and legal training under the tutelage and wardship authorities.

The Family Code already contains limitations, under which certain persons may note become adoptive parents. For example, the persons convicted of grave offences, unparented, having no permanent residence or living in unhealthy conditions. What is the purpose of training?

Unfortunately, not everyone, who wishes to adopt a child, gives a thought to whether he will be able to find the correct approach to the kid, whether he will manage to become an authority based on respect and trust, not on submission and compulsion. Many people are blind in their conviction that their family is in all ways better for a strange child than the orphanage. But they do not always understand that efforts are required in order for the child to feel that he is in his family, and not among strange people.

8 thousand children return to orphanages each year because of the adoptive parents’ inability to find the correct approach to the adopted kids. That is why the State attempts to prevent causing even more traumas to the vulnerable mentality of the infants.

Training programs are available for those who wish to adopt a child aimed at prevention of such situations. They include explanations of the legal issues and consequences and obtaining of psychological and pedagogical skills.


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