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Prohibitions instead of arrest

Prohibitions instead of arrest The government approved the draft law proposed by members of United Russia Ilya Kostunov and Larisa Shoygu adding a new pre-trial restriction to the Criminal Procedure Code - prohibition of certain actions not connected with isolation in the premises as in case of house arrest. According to the deputies, prohibition of certain actions includes prohibition to leave the premises at certain times, prohibition to be at certain places and approach certain objects or persons closer than a certain distance, prohibition to communicate with, save and receive mail and telegrams, use telecommunications and the Internet for contacts with certain persons. However, the time of application of this prohibition will not be included into the term of custody.

Partner of YUST Law Firm Alexander Bolomatov told Vedomosti newspaper that these proposals should only be welcomed as being in line with the idea of decriminalization and humanization. Prohibition of certain actions applies in a number of countries; if less people are to be held in prisons, it will only be an advantage, Alexander Bolomatov thinks. In his opinion, one of the reasons for amendments was a scandalous sentence against a Ministry of Defence employee Evgenia Vasilyeva who spent most of the term under house arrest.

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