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A company’s income from innovations directly depends on the well-considered patent protection of those

Alexander Shugaev, Doctor at Law, Advocate of the Law Firm "YUST", explained in his article, which was published in the “Economy and Life” newspaper, how the entrepreneurs are able to protect the rights to results of intellectual activity (RIA) from encroachments.

According to him, a number of measures need to be taken to ensure protection. Starting from the fixing of the rules of protection of said objects’ confidentiality and finishing by a thoroughly written application to Rospatent in order to secure the legal right to RIA.

The author explains the key stages and possibilities of the legal protection and of preparation of an innovation product for successful commercialization. For example, he gives instructions on how to preserve a technical solution in the know-how (manufacturing secret) regime. A.Shugaev also describes typical mistakes related to an incorrect legal protection of such objects.

The full article is available in № 14 / 2013 of the “Economy and Life” newspaper.

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