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Challenging transactions of the debtor: old problems newspaper offices

In the journal «Corporate lawyer» (№2, 2014) published the lawyer, the head of group on insolvency Law firm «YUST» Vasily Raudina and the lawyer, Dr. Jur., Artem Kukin.

The authors spoke about the issues of the practice of challenging transactions of the debtor subject to the provisions of the resolution of the Plenum of the RF from 30.07.2013 № 59.

The aim of the adoption of this document was to eliminate the shortcomings in the earlier document of the highest judicial bodies with the conservation of a key legal position in the challenging transactions in bankruptcy.

However, the document contains a number of questionable positions, the potential to destabilize the practice of consideration of applications of contestation of transactions debtors on special grounds

See details in the printed version of the magazine (#2, 2014).

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